Grants available for Scottish farmers in fuel poverty

The Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RSABI) is offering grants to help those in fuel poverty.

The Help for Heating fund offers a one-off grant of £300 to those who have worked full-time on the land for at least 10 years but can no longer do so due to age or disability, and find themselves in fuel poverty.

Fuel poverty is defined as spending over 10% of your total income on energy bills.

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“According to The Report of the Scottish Fuel Poverty Strategic Working Group (October 2016), one in three Scots are in fuel poverty,” said Mags Granger, welfare manager at RSABI.

“The situation is worse in rural areas where fuel poverty affects one in two people. RSABI has launched the Help for Heating campaign to offer assistance to those who are in fuel poverty and meet the criteria for assistance. We urge those affected to get in touch.”

You can contact RSABI, in confidence, by calling 0300 1114166 or emailing