Help compile list of best presents for farmers

Farmers who have diversified are being offered the opportunity to be part of a unique Christmas shopping list aimed at farmers and farming families.

Farmer Weekly wants to compile a Christmas shopping special that showcases some of the finest products produced on British farms by British farmers.

It may only be September, but some people are already starting to think about what gifts they might buy for their nearest and dearest. 

So are you a farm-based diversification? Do you sell a product that you think would make an ideal Christmas present?

It might be food or drink, clothing, something for the house or garden, an item for a pet, something for the fashion buff or country sports enthusiast or even a wacky curiosity – anything, in fact, as long as it can be ordered over the phone or online and delivered nationwide.

You may sell loads of items you think would be a perfect pressie for members of farming families – but pick the one that you think is most suited for Christmas (also make sure it’s one that you won’t run out of stock of).

We will be planning to feature about 10 items in our Christmas shopping special in the magazine and lots more online.

To be in the running to be featured, simply answer these quick questions. We only need short answers for each (so no more than 200 words in total please) – plus we need a sharp high-quality photo of the item.

1 What is the product (description and price – plus postage)?
2 Why would it make an ideal Christmas present?
3 What else do you sell?
4 Tell us about your retail business?
5 Tell us about your farming connection?
6 How can people order?

Email your answers to us or add them to the website forum thread before Friday October 21.

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