Help FW’s jargon-busting bid

We’ve all seen examples of gobbledegook in farming – confusing language used out by DEFRA or the RPA or other farming organisations, whether it’s in guidance notes, letters or any other written form.

It drives us mad because, especially when it comes to complicated subjects, what’s needed are simple, easy-to-follow instructions and guidance.

Of course, some issues are inevitably complex – so all the more need to make them simple and straightforward rather than convoluted.

So FW has decided to highlight some examples of good and bad practice in a bid to tackle the problem. Those nice people at the Plain English Campaign have even agreed to help, by analysing a sample of the examples we send them.

So tell us about pieces of language that have befuddled, confused and infuriated you.

Give us the examples that most made you mad – whether it was in a letter, a pamphlet, a press release, an email, a guidance document or on a website.

You can either email them to or add them direct to the thread on our website forums.

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