‘I can already say it’s been unforgettable’

Although I’ve only been at the Royal Agricultural College for the grand total of four weeks I can already say it’s been unforgettable.

I had my doubts about coming here; being away from home for the first time, fitting in, but I’ve found my place. A place with people of all ages and backgrounds, that find it perfectly acceptable to wake up at 7am on a Saturday, that don’t think having chickens that knock on the kitchen door for scraps is absurd and that find the smell of manure homely.It’s so refreshing to find like-minded, intelligent people who share all the same interests I’ve looked a bit odd for enjoying in the past. The lecturers vary hugely, teaching us farming from all aspects with a few months practical experience in the second year. The social activities have something for everyone, from early morning beagling at the weekends to polo or shooting on a Wednesday afternoon and late nights at the only nightclub in town. With stunning views of the Cotswolds from your bedroom window and lovely old buildings, this college has the whole package.

Despite being strongly disliked by the locals, here it doesn’t matter if you’re tall, short, northern, southern, male or female, as long as you own a pair of wellies, you’re bound to fit in.

writes Alicekatemate

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