If you could offer one piece of advice about farming what would it be?

A thread on the forums about what piece of advice you would offer on farming has generated some interesting suggestions. Some are philosophical and others practical.

Here is a mix of some of the ones that have emerged so far:

“Get to know older farmers and don’t be afraid to ask their opinions before you make major decisions, that doesn’t mean you have to listen, but there is nothing as valuable as experience.”

“If your neighbour has a better bull than yours, don’t check your fence very often.”

“If it isn’t broken, you don’t need a new one – regardless of what a good deal you are offered.”

“Don’t pee on nettles on a windy day.”

“The grass is always greener on the far side of the hill, so stand in your neighbours field and look at your own.”

There are plenty more on the thread on FWiSpace. Read the thread in full and add your own suggestions.

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