Land Rover debate splits nation in two

It was neck-and-neck, it couldn’t have been closer. The vote ended up exactly 50:50.

The farming community, it seems, is split right down the middle when it comes to Land Rovers. Half of us think they’re fab; half of us think they’re overrated.

More than 1500 of you voted on FWi on the subject, making it one of the biggest responses ever to a ‘Question of the Week’.

The fans talked about these vehicles’ durability, heritage, the low depreciation and the community aspect of ownership. Detractors cited unreliability, the high price and practical flaws such as the difficulty of keeping water out.

It seems there isn’t much middle ground. As one FWi forum user, Labour in Vain, puts it: “Land Rovers are like Marmite – you either love them or hate them.”

You can read the original piece that sparked the debate, and also a riposte by a Landie fan. And if you feel strongly on the subject, you can post your comment on the forums.

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