‘Lie of the Land’ takes top TV award

Film maker Molly Dineen has won a Bafta for her documentary The Lie of the Land.

Ms Dineen was awarded the trophy for Best Documentary from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTAs) at a ceremony in London last night (20 April).

The documentary, which followed the livelihoods of two hunt workers in Cornwall and a farmer in the Cotswolds, sparked huge debate when it was first shown on television last year.

At the time, some criticised the graphic depiction of farming as bad PR, while others thought it was good for the public to see how tough life on a farm is.

FWi readers were equally split.

Writing on our Food for Thought blog, Ian Sheers said: “The Lie of the Land was a superb programme. I expected it to be a typical stitch up job of British farming but Molly Dineen did a fantastic job of filming the realities of farming in the UK today.

However Carlton Collister said the majority of urban viewers would have turned the television off at “the first shocking image”.

“One can only hope educational campaigns about food and packaging start to change attitudes, but one fears it is too late for many farmers,” he added.

Speaking to FWi at a screening of the documentary last year, Ms Dineen said she was surprised by the reaction the programme generated.

“I’m pleased to say the people who have spoken to me have said that it’s made them really think twice about where their food comes from.”

Watch video from the Lie of the Land debate, filmed at the Royal Society for Arts in London last year.

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