Natural England offers guidance for livestock farms hit by snow

Natural England has updated its guidance on feeding and housing livestock for farmers affected by heavy snow and freezing weather.

Restrictions on feeding and stocking rates – which would usually apply to farmers in agri-environment schemes – have been relaxed to help farmers who have been left struggling in the icy conditions.

Where snow is still on the ground, Natural England said it would continue the temporary relaxation of restrictions it put in place in December on supplementary feeding to help farmers give additional feed.

Supplementary feeding can continue for up to four days after the snow has cleared.

Where stock housing or feed storage has been affected because of damaged buildings, animals can be fed on land under agri-environment agreements until 15 May. However strict conditions apply, so farmers must contact their Natural England adviser to discuss best arrangements.

If fencing has been damaged by flood water or has been cut to give livestock access to water, the fencing should be repaired once the water recedes or alternative drinking water is available, Natural England added.

For more detailed advice and information contact your local Natural England office.

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