NBA chairman resigns over industry TB reaction

National Beef Association chairman Duff Burrell has resigned over “differences of opinion” over the way the NBA should react to the government’s bovine TB policy.

Kim Haywood, NBA chief executive, said Mr Burrell had decided to stand down from the NBA’s board over “feelings about how the NBA should proceed”.

“The NBA is a national organisation and we need to consider everyone’s opinions,” she said.

“The main issue he had was with organisations saying they would refuse to talk with the government, especially with regard to the new TB partnership group.

“Duff felt, and I agreed with him, that it was important the industry works with the government to find a way forward and change the decision [DEFRA secretary Hilary Benn] made.”

Ms Haywood said Mr Burrell had spoken to DEFRA about the TB partnership group but could not confirm if rumours he had been approached to chair the group were true.

Last week Mr Burrell said he had not been approached about the position and “didn’t expect to be”.

NBA vice-chairman Frank Momber had been appointed temporary chairman and a board meeting would be held as soon as possible to appoint a permanent replacement, Ms Haywood said.

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