New BBC documentary series to feature plight of a threatened Cornish village

A new BBC documentary series focussing on the plight of differing sectors of society is to begin with a focus on a small Cornish village and its residents who storm a London suburb to highlight their troubles.


Presented and devised by Tim Samuels, a former winner of two Royal Television Society awards for his investigative reporting for BBC2’s Newsnight, who swapped investigative work for stirring up a spot of trouble.


Mr Samuels joins an entire Cornish village as they pack up the sheep, travel en masse to London and seize the New Labour heartland of Islington.


The programme will project the village of Lanreath as being on the brink of extinction: It’s lost its post office, shop, pub and bus service.  Now its beloved primary school is under threat.  Pushed to breaking point, the countryside comes to town to get its voice heard – and annexes Islington.


The film shows how a whole British way of life is under threat.  The threat to the primary school is the final straw for the villagers, who want the power-brokers and politicians in London to see what is happening to the countryside.


“People in the cities have no idea how desperate it’s getting in the countryside. Our communities are dying out and we have to do something radical to make people stand up and listen,” says one of the mums of the under-threat primary school.


Power To the People: The Invasion of Islington airs on BBC2 at 9pm on Monday, 14 May.