Peter Kendall ready to stand for re-election

Peter Kendall has revealed that he will stand for a fourth term as NFU president if he is nominated next year.

Mr Kendall said as yet he has received no nominations, but he has been encouraged to stand again as leader by a number of people.

The union’s elections are due to take place in February 2012.

Mr Kendall, who has held the position of president since 2006, said he had been very fortunate to be part of a team that worked well together and there was work he wanted to see through.

“Bearing in mind where we are with issues like TB and CAP reform, if I was re-elected I could use the credibility I have built up over the past six years to deliver,” he said.

For example, statements from politicians that we should be ‘leading the way on CAP reform’ were a worry, he said. 

The last time England led on the CAP – introducing the dynamic hybrid model for payments – it had also shown the rest of Europe how to make a mess of delivery, he suggested.

Mr Kendall, who farms in partnership with his brother in Bedfordshire, said he had not taken the decision to allow his name to go forward lightly.

“I am taking nothing for granted as the rules mean that I will have to get support from 75% of NFU Council [the union’s ruling body] which is a high bar for anyone,” he said.

Deciding to run for re-election was big decision and something that he had talked through at length with his wife and trusted friends, he added.

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