Farmlife Framed: Great shots from FW readers

Stock, crops and the next generation of farmers are just a few of the subjects of the photos readers share with Farmers Weekly.

We enjoy looking at all your pictures – they capture rural life across the nation and through the seasons in all its many guises.

In fact, we liked them so much and were so keen to showcase your photographic endeavours that we created a special slot for it online and in the magazine – Farmlife Framed.

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Here are just a few of the wonderful pictures you’ve taken recently. There are lots of ways you can share them with us, so please keep them coming…


Kirsty Parsons says: “My little girl Annie idolises her Daddy and she and her brother Will often take him picnics so they can see him, as he works such long hours on our arable farm in Romsey, Hampshire, and with contract harvesting.

“I don’t think farmers get enough credit for being amazing fathers (and mothers), continually inspiring their children to work in the industry, while working so hard and for so many hours a week.”


Young cowboy Griff training his pet lamb. Thanks to Kayleigh Rees-Jones of mid-Wales for sharing this picture of the two-year-old.

My favourite kind of day

“Three dogs, a cat, and being on the farm is my favourite kind of day,” says FWi user ‘Ahowe’.

Young farmer

Budding farmer, 13-year-old Tom Drury has been helping dad in South Wales with the arable work. They also have Dorset ewes and cows.


Thanks to George Wroth for this picture, who captioned it: “Has anyone seen the rat?”

Learning to read

Eliza Bluebelle (Market Bosworth Young Farmers Club’s unofficial youngest member) having a quick read before TB testing. Thanks to mum, Peaches Furborough, for sharing the moment.

Mellow yellow

Susan Huyton took this image of a “golden field of oilseed rape shimmering in the sunshine” at her family farm in Lancashire.

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