Farmlife Framed: Readers snap dogs, dads and dinosaurs

One of the joys of looking at the Farmers Weekly email inbox is seeing the brilliant pictures readers have sent to us.

They can be funny, they can be evocative and they can be heartfelt.

They provide a snapshot of readers’ lives – and we’ve created this slot, Farmlife Framed, so we can  showcase some of them.

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From the scenic and the serious to the fun and the funny, your pictures are a great insight into agriculture and rural living across the UK.

Here are a few of the images you’ve shown us recently. 

A cow with a heart marking on its head

Thanks to Cian O Leary, a student at Harper Adams University for this great photo. A dairy cow showing some love.

A young girl and a lamb walk down a country path

Two-year-old Gracie Mae and her pet lamb, Lamby, “love going for evening strolls together”, says mum Kayleigh Rees-Jones from the Brecon Beacons.

Schoolchildren watch a sheep-sheering demonstration

More than 1,600 primary school children experienced the sights, smells and sounds of a working farm, when the gates of Heaves Farm, Levens were opened to 40 primary schools from south Cumbria and north Lancashire. Westmorland County Agricultural Society worked closely with farm owners Roger, Carole and Gary Mason to deliver two days of discovery and learning for the students. 

A metal sculpture made to resemble a dinosaur

While on study leave for his GCSEs, 15-year-old William Wisson-Burton made this garden dinosaur sculpture out of old machinery parts.

A man lies in a hammock reading a copy of Farmers Weekly

Jeff Aitchison sent us this picture of his dad, John, grabbing a few minutes relaxation on Fathers’ Day. John lives in Cambridgeshire, but was visiting Jeff in West Yorkshire for the weekend. 

Two hares sit in a field

“By just doing a few little things, wildlife and farming can jog along in harmony,” says Heather Tanner of Earl Soham in Suffolk. “We have mown a path through the hay meadow along one of the hare tracks and made a gap onto the lawn through the hedge. We call it the #hareway and most days we see hares – they do love a sunrise and sunset. What it costs in labour and fuel is more than compensated by the joy of hares in full view.”

A man lies on a deck chair in the sun while reading a copy of Farmers Weekly

Robynne Casswell took this picture of Simon Casswell, an arable and sheep farmer in Corringham, Lincolnshire (and Mitch the dog). “What’s the saying about mad dogs and Englishman?” laughs Robynne.

A Jack Russell looks at the pages of Farmers Weekly

Minnie the Jack Russell has a Sunday morning Browse. “She’s an avid reader of Farmers Weekly,” says Tom Parry from The Brecon Beacons.

A dog pokes its tongue out

Kate and Freddy Jenkinson from Stalmine in Lancashire shared this shot of one their dogs enjoying the sunshine.

A collie sits on a hay bale

Rough collie, Ben, “thoroughly enjoying himself during the haymaking this year”, according to owner Ashlene Troughton.

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