Farmlife Framed: Young Farmers, dogs and hares

Another week – and another great batch of photos have been sent to Farmers Weekly by readers.

Thanks to everyone who has been sharing their favourite shots.

We enjoy looking at them all – they’re fascinating, informative and occasionally amusing.

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From the scenic and the serious to the fun and the funny, your pictures are a great insight into agriculture and rural living – and Farmlife Framed is the slot where we pull some of our favourites together.

Do please keep them coming – there are details of how to share them at the bottom of this article.


A group of young farmers in a field wearing cow-print tops

Thanks to Lisa Blackman for sending us this pair of shots of the Northamptonshire Young Farmers’ Country Show & Rally, hosted by Oundle YFC. “It was a brilliant day,” says Lisa.

Young farmers push another along a field on a kart

Well read

A boy stands next to a bale holding a lamb in one hand and a copy of Farmers Weekly in the other

Harvey Lane from Somerset catching up on the rural news and views…

Strange bedfellows

A dog and a lamb lie next to each other in a cage

An unlikely pair of friends – as photographed by Claire Ferris.

Dog tired

A close-up shot of a dog yawning

It’s warm work, being a dog, in this hot weather. This one was loaded straight into our online gallery by web user “ahowe”.

Hare today

A hare sits in a planter, it is partially hidden by lavender

Heather Tanner of Earl Soham in Suffolk recently rescued and planted up with lavender an old zinc field drinker outside her window. “It seems a hare has made itself a safe night-time place to sleep,” she says.

Herd you had arrived

A cow and a dachshund meet tongues

“Welcome to the herd” is the title of this one from website user CamillaB. “It shows Percy, the miniature dachshund, welcoming the latest arrival to Glasgoforest Farm,” she says.

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