Police appeal for help over Land Rover thefts

Police are appealing for information after an increase in the theft of Land Rover Defenders in rural Wiltshire.

Wiltshire Police say a number of the vehicles have been recovered burnt out, but others have not been located.

The vehicles being stolen are predominantly L, M, N and P registration plated vehicles, which were all manufactured prior to immobilisers being factory fitted as standard.

Sergeant Andrea Faircloth from the rural crime team said: “These types of vehicles are relied on heavily by members of the rural and farming communities, therefore these thefts are not only inconvenient but they also disrupt their livelihood.

“The rural crime team would like to hear from anyone with information regarding these thefts.”

The Wiltshire Police Community Affairs Department have issued the following advice:

– Secure your vehicle at all times, even when parked up outside your home

– If you don’t have any security features built into your vehicle, invest in some additional ones. Make sure the products conform to British standards, a good start would be to have a look at the Sold Secure website

 – If you cannot park your vehicle in a garage or behind closed gates, park your vehicle in a well lit area in the curtilage of your property, preferably in an area where it is overlooked

 – Having a full tank of fuel provides thieves with more opportunities

 – Make sure your number plates are clean and easily visible, this makes it easier for police to spot it if stolen, and for witnesses to clearly see it if it is seen in suspicious circumstances

The rural crime team are based throughout Wiltshire and would like to hear from anyone with any information relating to these or any crimes, they can be contacted on 0845 408 7000 ext 723548.

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