Police turn blind eye to sheep worrying


“I work on a farm where we are having problems with dogs in with our sheep,” writes Lincs farm worker Alana Flame

“We spoke to the owners and informed them of the law. We moved the sheep to a field further away, only to receive a phone call to alert us that the dogs were harassing the sheep. We arrived to find carnage. One sheep had bites down to the bone and its muscles ripped from its leg. Two more of the sheep had been mauled.

“The police were phoned and we were given an incident number and told we would have a police officer come and speak to us. We then received a phone call and were told that if there were any more problems to ring straight away.

“Since then we are still having problems and have not got any help from the police or the RSPCA.

“Will it come to the point where, every time we shepherd our sheep, we have to carry a gun? Or do we just give up and sell the flock?”

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