Take part in FW’s survey on women in farming

Farmers Weekly is giving readers the chance to take part in a groundbreaking survey to definitively map the role of women in farming.

Have women dispensed with “traditional” roles? How much influence do they have in strategic decision-making? Do they consider their lot is better – or worse – than their parents?

Anecdotal evidence suggests many are carrying out functions once almost exclusively done by men – taking the lead on farms, perhaps even running inherited businesses.

Even those who aren’t engaged full-time with the business may be far more involved with decision-making than their mother’s generation. Many have been the driving force behind successful diversifications and also now work off the farm, either full or part time.

This survey, which we’re running in association with Barclays, will give us a comprehensive insight into the working life of contemporary women, plus the opportunities they have and the challenges they face.

“It feels like the perfect time to be doing this research,” says Farmers Weekly editor Jane King. “You could even win £1,000 by completing it. We’d like men as well as women to complete the survey – we’ll then be able to analyse the data by gender, which in itself will be telling.”

Competing the short questionnaire is quick and easy to do.

Take part in the survey .

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