Temple to stand as NFU vice president

North Yorks farmer Paul Temple has confirmed that he does intend to run for the position of NFU vice president.

The arable and beef farmer from Driffield has told FARMERS WEEKLY that he will stand as a candidate in the election which will take place in late February.

“We have so many challenges facing us as an industry, I’d rather be part of the leadership team,” he said.

“One of the things that has driven me is the fact that I have just finished my farm budget. Having done so, you realise how serious the challenges are.”

Mr Temple said he would like to see the union working in partnership with other organisations about the issue of supermarket dominance.

“Not condemning supermarkets, but pointing out the serious concerns we have,” he said.

Another area where he said he was continuously frustrated was on the environment, because farmers had done environmental work for years with no reward.

“I intend to farm for at least another 20 years and have two children who are interested, so I want to fight for their future,” he added.

“We have got to offer a sensible future for the next generation that offers them a rounded life.”

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