Tenant Farmers Association’s chairman calls for a united farming front in 2007

The Tenant Farmers Association’s chairman Reg Haydon has called on all within the agricultural industry to work together to make 2007 a year of renaissance for British agriculture.

“It is clear that the government is going to be of no specific benefit to our future prosperity as an industry,” he said. 

“Indeed the government seems only to add to the burdens and costs which we face. Whilst I believe that the government will rue the day that it turned its face away from British farming, as an industry, we need to work together to find the solutions which will take us forward.”

Mr Haydon said 2007 offered a wealth of opportunities to promote British farming. 

“These include the Year of Food and Farming announced by Sir Don Curry, the increasingly successful British Food Fortnight, the review of the statutory levy boards and the NFU’s “Why Farming Matters” campaign. 

“I will ensure that the Tenant Farmers Association works alongside other industry bodies to make these initiatives a success, not just for 2007, but into the future.” said Mr Haydon.

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