‘The college offers us many opportunities’

Duchy College

I go to Duchy College, Stoke Climsland, and am doing my second year in a level 3 national diploma in agriculture. The college offers us many opportunities and each day we are doing something different.

The college farm has a strong dairy herd that level 3 first years share milking duties and fully experience a dairy lifestyle, including the 4am starts!

The College farm also has a sheep flock, suckler herd, and often a few pigs.

Although I don’t come a strong farming background, they teach you knowledge for all sectors of farming – from dairy to crops to the ins and outs of tractors, to prepare you for when you wish to fully go into the industry.

They encourage youngsters to go into farming by giving them the most options and chances. And when possible they offer extra courses such as AI, foot trimming, or sprayer with funding so that it is made more affordable.

Overall, for a smallish college compared to other agricultural colleges it does well to exceed for its students.

writes Cornish lass

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