UK’s first national farm day takes off

With 200 farmers already signed up, Farm Sunday – Britain’s first national open farm day – is off to a great start. This is probably our best single-event chance ever for getting the message across to the public that farms matter in all sorts of ways – as producers of wholesome food, as guardians of wildlife and habitat, as supporters of the local economy and as stewards of the countryside that we all love.

If you’ve never had a farm walk before, you’re probably pretty nervous about it. But there’s bags of advice and help available from the organisers. And you don’t have to organise a big event – a one-hour farm walk after lunch for a dozen locals is fine.

If farmers up and down the country do that on June 11, the benefit to farming’s standing among the public will be incalculable.

Farm Sunday is organised by Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF).

To register ring 024 7641 3911 or Click here to register for Farm Sunday

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