Victims of fly-tipping should be alerting the CLA

Farmers and landowners who are victims of fly-tipping should be alerting the Country Land and Business Association of all incidents as they are collecting evidence to support changes in the law.

Location Location TV presenter Phil Spencer launched the CLA’s fly-tipping campaign today at the Game Fair 2008 at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire.

The CLA, in conjunction with the NFU, the Countryside Alliance and a number of MPs, is calling for an amendment to the Environmental Protection Act (1990) to better protect landowners from the blight of dumped waste and to ensure more effective investigation of these criminal acts. 

A growing problem

Phil Spencer said he was keen to support the campaign because his family, who farm in Kent, had repeatedly experienced fly-tipping and noticed the problem was getting worse.

His father had recently gone through a load of waste tipped on his land and found an envelope addressed to the culprit buried underneath.  He then returned the garbage direct to the offender’s door.

Last summer a lorry was caught red-handed dumping bags of asbestos on David Gibbon’s farm in Essex.


The farm manager, who had been advised not to approach fly-tippers on his own, took the vehicle registration number and called the police. The Environment Agency was also alerted but neither party took any action. 

Mr Gibbon initially refused to remove the dumped asbestos on the grounds that it was not his responsibility.

If it had been dumped just six feet in a different direction, it would have been the responsibility of the Highways Authority and would automatically have been removed by the Environment Agency. Eventually, Mr Gibbon had to pay almost £3000 for the removal by a private contractor.

If you have had experience of fly-tipping, why not inform the CLA as they need case studies to support their campaign. Contact Derek Holliday at the CLA on 0207 460 7941 or email Derek Holliday.


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