Video: Choir sings to de-stress farm’s Christmas turkeys

Choir singing to bronze turkeys © Rhug Estate

© Rhug Estate

There’s nothing quite like a good sing-song to relive stress – especially when you’re a turkey and Christmas is fast approaching.

With this in mind, a farm estate in Wales has invited a local choir group to sing to its rafter of 1,000 turkeys as a way of destressing the bronze beauties before they are gobble-gobbled this festive season.

It’s well known that meat from an animal that isn’t relaxed before slaughter can be tough and tasteless. In previous years the farm’s turkeys have been treated to classical music to prevent them getting in a flap.

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This year extra measures are being taken to ensure that birds bought from the Rhug Estate in Denbighshire are the crowning glory of the Christmas dinner.

The Estate’s farm manager Gareth Jones said: “I was asked by the owner of Rhug Estate, Lord Newborough, if the choir would come and sing to the rafter of 1,000 turkeys. Naturally I thought he was joking until he asked a second, and then a third time.

“We try to cause as little stress as possible to the animals, so I could see the logic of having the choir sing to the birds – eventually.

“I have to admit I think it did help to keep the birds nice and calm and they seemed to be singing along with us.”

One member of the Bro Glyndwr Male Voice Choir admitted that singing to the turkeys had to be one of the strangest things he had ever been asked to do.

Watch the video below to see the farm’s turkeys harmonising with the voice of the choir.

These free-range organic birds can roam clover-rich pasture and are fed on the organic oats grown on the farm. To find out more, visit the Rhug Estate website.

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