VIDEO: Dorset moo-vie makers spoof Brit horror flick

Farmers Weekly‘s Wellywood competition is hotting up, with a new entry from a group of amateur movie makers in Dorset.

28 Moos Later is a spoof of the British horror film 28 Days Later, created by members of the Birch family from Dorset and four of their friends. The group – who range in age from 15 to 50 – chose a horror film because they thought it “had a lot of potential for comedy”.

The original film was set in London, where an incurable virus breaks out from a test lab of chimpanzees and spreads throughout the UK. In this farming spoof, the virus is spread by cows, and it was all filmed between Hedge End Farm and Field Barn Farm in Dorset.

Watch the full Wellywood entry below and scroll down to find out how to enter your own.

About Wellywood

Our Wellywood competition gives you the chance to make a spoof of any iconic film scene. All we ask is that you give it a farming twist. You could be James Bond in a farmyard, Kate Winslet “flying” on the front of a stationary tractor, Dirty Dancing in a barn or posing with your friends, Reservoir Dogs-style, at an event or show. It might be a clip from an action or adventure film. Your favourite romantic comedy. A gangster film. A war epic. A love story. Any scene from any film is eligible just as long as your version has an agricultural feel to it. The winning video will bag its maker(s) £400, plus £200 of cinema vouchers.

How to enter

  • Once you’ve done the fun bit and filmed your scene, upload it to YouTube and email us the link at

  • Include a brief bit of information about who you are, where you’re from and why you picked the scene you did

  • Make sure all entries are with us by Monday 11 June 2012

  • Sit back in your director’s chair and wait for us to announce the winner

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