What do farming and Wimbledon have in common?

Farmers Weekly columnist David Richardson has been thinking about Wimbledon on his blog David’s Digest.

“I know just how the tennis authorities at Wimbledon must be feeling. Many years ago after a succession of wet harvests we decided to install a continuous flow drier. We had relied for too long on under floor ventilation to dry our grain and with tightening regulations on moisture content felt we must go for a faster and more positive solution. We saved up, borrowed more, worked hard all spring and summer to complete the work on time – and what happened? That harvest we had some of the best weather on record and we never fired up the new drier once.

“As the Wimbledon officials look forward to the next week or two they must be wondering about the wisdom of their new investment. The forecast is for perfect tennis weather. Hot and dry all the way. OK, the forecasters may be wrong but at present the tens of millions spent on the new roof over Center Court must look like a white elephant.

But a word of comfort – if my experience is any guide they may feel that way now but in years to come they will be pleased they spent the money. I just wish I could afford to erect a temporary cover over all my fields just before harvest. It would make for much less stressful combining.”

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