Expats want pork pies

A West Country food exporter has told Farmers Weekly he is looking for a pork pie manufacturer in the region to supply the Spanish expat market.

Gordon Fraser of Fraser Management wants to find a producer capable of supplying up to 5000 pies a week to a burgeoning expat population of 1m permanent residents and 15m British visitors to Spain each year.

Food from Britain estimates that Britons spend some €13bn (£9bn) every year in Spain, offering a huge opportunity for exporters. There is also an outlet for other quintessentially British products, like marmalade, said Mr Fraser.

But he warns it is not an easy buck.

“Once you start, you’ve got to be able to keep sending – export is a serious business and one of the areas where the Brits often trip up is service.”

Mr Fraser, who used to work for animal health firm Probiotics, can be contacted on 01278 663 956.