Farmer Focus: Ben Drewitt finds cell counts a problem in Hungary

Farming in Hungary has been enjoyable for me over the past eight years. I have learned so much, it has opened my eyes to a totally different way of looking at the world and even looking at the smallest things like mode of business and family connections.

The Hungarians have a natural lust for business and trade (making money) so it was not hard for the entrepreneurial spirits within the economy to thrive. Joining the European Union in 2004 also opened the gateway to the rest of Europe including the UK for level trade and immigration. And to date the EU has flooded a fair bit of cash into the country and totally transformed its agriculture to rival the other EU existing countries.

The farm size here is larger than the normal European model, this is due to the Communist (government) state farms, ranging from 1000ha to 10,000ha (24,710 acres). Most dairy farms have upwards of 500 cows with the average herd size topping over the 700 number.

Cell count is however, the most prominent problem in Hungary, with most producers closing their eyes to the problem, many farms are well over 400,000 SCC.

Being a very prolific maize producing county Hungary can produce feed very cheaply, which countries like our own cannot easily compete with.

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