Revived let market brings some big opportunities

The let land market seems to have come to life with some significant opportunities available to enterprising farmers.

The National Trust is finalising particulars on a block of 240 acres near Henley-on-Thames which offers huge potential for a progressive farmer – perhaps a new entrant – to farm within the NT’s vision of enhancing biodiversity and conservation.

Meanwhile Brown & Co is looking for tenants for up to 10 blocks of arable and pasture land for the Buckminster Trust Estate, which is reorganising part of its in-hand farming operation. The land will be available on three-year, fixed-term Farm Business Tenancies from 6 October 2009.

let land 

Tenders are invited for rents on nearly 2000 acres of land through the National Trust and Brown & Co.

NT surveyor Richard Jackson said Greys Court Farm and Lodge Farm near Henley-on-Thames could prove an “ideal starter farm” for the right tenant, subject to a sound business plan and a shared vision for protecting the landscape and enhancing bio­diversity on the 240-acre holding. “About 50% of Grey’s Court Farm was taken up with former set-aside land under the Habitat Scheme, but this has now been brought back into grazing. Although there is no house with Grey’s Court, accommodation could be available nearby.

“Ideally, we’d like to see an extensive, mixed-livestock enterprise with traditional breed beef cattle and sheep, but we’re open to suggestions. There is water in every field and much of the fencing is in good order.”

Due to occupation dates and red tape, the NT would receive income from Higher Level Stewardship schemes and the single farm payment in the first year, but this could be transferred to the incoming tenant later and initial rents would reflect this, Mr Jackson said. Viewing day is 1 June, while the deadline for tenders is noon on 15 June with interviews on 30 June.

Email for details or call 01793 762 209.

Brown & Co’s Ben Wills is inviting tenders for rents on 1689 acres of land in up to 10 parcels. “It’s quite exciting; this sort of thing doesn’t come along every day and the land will be let with the benefit of the single payment and Entry Level Stewardship income. It’s a real opportunity for farmers to spread their fixed costs and maximise returns.”

Among the 10 lots, a 489-acre block on the Leicestershire-Lincolnshire border at Saxby is offered as one lot, but supplementary tenders are invited for Manor farmhouse and some buildings which will be let on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy.

The deadline for tenders is 19 June with viewing on 4 and 8 June.

More information is available from Mr Wills on 01664 502 123.