UK farmers can help avoid global food shortages as rations are introduced

UK farmers have been told they can help alleviate global concerns over food security, as sales of rice were rationed in the UK and America to protect dwindling supplies.

Wal-Mart, which owns Asda, has introduced the US’s first food rationing, while shops in Asian neighbourhoods in the UK have limited sales to prevent hoarding.

Wal-Mart customers have been limited to four bags of rice per visit as people stocked up to protect themselves from rising costs.


Rice prices across the world have doubled in the past year, while exports have been blocked by India, China, Vietnam and Egypt to ensure their own populations can buy it.

The move by retailers follows government debate with retailers and farming officials over how to manage food inflation and security.

Easing concerns

Speaking to Farmers Weekly, NFU President Peter Kendall UK farmers were well-placed to help ease concerns over food supplies.

“The more we produce here, the less pressure we put on producers elsewhere,” he said.

“I hope the debate will enable the NFU and the farming industry to have a more constructive debate with government about the role we play in global food supplies.”