Win a subscription to Farmers Weekly by filling in Rent Review Survey

The tenanted sector is facing a massive wave of rent reviews.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that some landlords are using rising commodity prices as an opportunity to even double rents.

But nobody really knows the true extent of the demands being put on tenants.

That’s why Farmers Weekly has joined together with the Tenant Farmers’ Association and the NFU to launch a nationwide rent review survey.

Please help us to help you by filling it in. It will only take a few minutes, the results will be entirely confidential and you could win a year’s subscription to FW.

To fill in the survey please click here.

Farmers Weekly is committed to helping the tenanted sector, which is why we have dedicated a section of our website to rent reviews. It includes advice, opinion and the chance for your to share your experiences good or bad of the rent review process.