10 views on cutting greenhouse gas

Defra has released results from its annual Farm Practice Survey of farmer attitudes towards cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

10 key findings of the report:

1 Only 7% of the 750 farmers quizzed thought that reducing greenhouse gases was “very important” a figure that has not changed since the last survey was conducted.

2 More than half (55%) placed little or no importance on cutting emissions.

3 Nevertheless eight out of 10 farmers thought it was good practice.

4 Overall almost 60% of farmers and growers were taking some action to reduce greenhouse gases.

5 A smaller number (53%) were carrying out improvements to increase profitability (eg saving energy, more accurate fertiliser application).

6 Larger farms were more likely to be taking some action than smaller farms.

7 Grazing livestock farms were the least likely to be carrying out work to cut gases with just 45% participating.

8 Of those taking some action recycling waste material was the most common activity.

9 Out of the farmers who were not acting to cut emissions, one in four said there was a lack of adequate guidance on what to do.

10 Financial barriers were also cited by this group with 18% of them saying there was not enough incentive and 11% saying the work was too expensive to carry out.

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