100% clearance at Holsworthy with £2,000 top call for Holstein heifer

Kivells of Holsworthy saw a busy market with 1472 head of stock sold to a 100% clearance.

Top call of the day was £2000 for a pedigree Holstein heifer ‘Lanwood June 2013’ for Mr GCB Davis of Tiverton. Trade was on fire for the young stock with a smart run of dairy type yearling heifers from Berry Worth of West Down, Ilfracombe to £720 with a consignment average of £679. Trade in the dairy section was further strengthened by another superb cull cow trade with Messrs Chamberlain and Son in pole position at £996 with Messrs Martin of Wynfeild at £982 and Messrs Shadrick of Great Lakes at £978. Overall average stood at 121.6p/kg and £802.41.

Prime Cattle

Numbers were tight in the prime cattle pens pushing prices even higher with Mr J Britton at the top hitting £1,523 for the pick of OTM cattle. The best of the younger prime cattle saw Stan Hopper at £1368 with John & Will Prouse at £1364 and £1361. Premium was set at 189p/kg with a market average of 171.9p/kg and £1164.40.


90 Calves saw another immense trade with David Medland taking the top three prices with his wonderful line up of British Blues hitting £402 and his best trio averaging £391. Best heifer calves came in from Messrs FL Clark & Son at £342 with others at £300, £297 and £294. Overall average of all calves stood at £199.82.


A superb entry of 1194 sheep sold to a superb trade with Mrs C Irwin of Kings Nympton at £137 with others at £119, John Heard at £115 and Messrs Balsdon at £111. A total of 413 ewes averaged £85.84 with six buyers present. The lamb trade also improved with a top call of £97 for lambs from James Melville of Trentworthy, Messrs George at £95.80 and Rod Evely at £94.80. Overall market average stood at 191.76p/kg and £86.49 with premium at 207p/kg for Ben Boundy of Bridgerule. Store lambs topped at £80 with 185 averaging £78.70.


Numbers were tight in the store cattle pens and were topped by a pair of Angus steers from Tony Lang of Parkham at £1155 with others at £1085. Overall average of all store cattle stood strong at £819.27.