10,000gns Mortimers bulls lifts trade again

After a dramatic run of prices trade has slowed up a little, and prices are back below the five figure level for a few minutes – thankfully as my fingers were getting sore from trying to keep up.

And just as I thought it was getting easier came a 10,000gns bid for Mortimers Echo, a Mortimers Vanquish son out of Mortimers Chorusgirl, a Balthayock Vulcan daughter. He went to Iain Miller, Lochend, and yesterday’s judge John Christie, West Carse.TS Perth Char Lot 428.jpg

Then at 4000gns was Blelack Ernest, a Thrunton Socrates son out of Blelack Vivien, a Greenshields Sylvester daughter and has a TSI of +40 and an SRI of +44.


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