16,000gns sale for Overthwaite Crackerjack

David Harker’s first of the day, Overthwaite Crackerjack has just gone under the hammer and made 16,000gns to an undisclosed buyer. This one, by Cloughhead Umpire and out of Tatana sold with a beef value of +19.

Mr Harker’s next in Overthwaite Chartered then came close to matching this sale, making 12,000gns to Mr Gregor, Tweed. This one is by Sympa and out of Uva and has a beef value of +20. The final Overthwaite bull in the run of three Overthwaite Charlie sold at 6200gns. Also by Sympa, this one is out of Unie and has a beef value of +29.

And, just a couple of lots later the next from the Quicks, Loosebeare Catcher, again by Simon made 8000gns to the Walter family. Catcher is out of Loosebeare Opera and has a beef value of +37.