£180 hoggets at Bentham

Prime hoggets may have peaked at just above £100 at many centres across the UK in recent weeks, but Bentham saw what must be the best achieved so far when a pair of 42kg http://www.beltex.co.ukcross lambs made £180/each (£4.28/kg).

The lambs, exhibited by Arthur Taylor or Taylor Bros, Tosside were the championship winners in the market’s annual Super Two challenge for pairs of Continental cross lambs.

bentham Super Two Champ 1.JPG

Both second and third prizes were awarded to another regular vendor Anthony Batty of J A and D E Batty and Son, Kendal, again for Beltex sired Hoggs. The seocnd prize pair went onto sell for £98.00 £2.39/kg and the third prize pair for £100.00 £2.22/kg.

The overall average for the 62 hoggs entered in the Super Two Challenge was £95.65 per head or 222ppkg.