£1,900 high at monthly Lancaster dairy sale

A smaller show of dairy cattle were forward at Lancaster’s monthly dairy sale on Monday (17 August) with a top price of £1,900.

Leading trade was W and C Gorst and Son, Hole of Ellel, with their heifer Saltoke Jeeves Rebecca 157. She was sold giving 31litres.

Next at £1,800 was the day’s champion Kirkwood Goldenboy Ann, from Henry and Mark Cornthwaite, Garstang. This strong second calver, bred from four generations of Ex cows was sold giving 36.4litres, to the judge Jack Raby, Pressall.

Champion cow

Champion cow

Mr Raby also secured his reserve champion, the Stardale Vast daughter from J Burrow and Son, Tunsteads for £1,800. She was sold giving 36litres and just over a month calved.

Averages Heifers, £1,587.50; Cows, £1,590 (NWA Auctions)