2000gns top for commercial dairy herd

Bluetongue restrictions did not prevent a large turnout at the dispersal of David and Frank Legge commercial herd of Holstein Friesians, Leominster.

Strong competition saw top price of 2000gns seen for a second calver giving 35kgs daily and recording 7081kgs as a heifer. She was sold to M Lower and Son, Withington, Hereford.

A Mandel Bombay daughter, due with her third calf in two weeks time, sold for 1900gns having recorded 7918kgs as a 2nd calver. She was purchased along with two other heifers carrying May calves by J C and R A Meredith, Ullingswick, Herford.

A call of 1820gns secured a 6828kg heifer due in June with a calf by Miklin Luke Glenn. She was sold to ET Morris and Sons, Orcop, Hereford, along with an 8328kg heifer due in June bought for 1800gns.

The four year old non pedigree stock bull was sold for 1800gns to P P Adams and Sons, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire.

Overall £1027.44 was the average cost made for cows and heifers in milk and/or with no calf. Served heifers made on average £874.12.