24 Lots over £2,000 at ‘Weaver’ dispersal

The dispersal sale of P & K Grandfield’s ‘Weaver’ herd at House Button Farm, Higher Weaver, saw cows top at £2,709.  Sale leader was ‘Weaver Maggie 294th’, with her heifer calf at foot by ‘Bassingthorpe Bossman’, she was giving 38.4kg daily.

The last milker through the ring achieved £2,646 with her heifer calf.  She was the September calved heifer ‘Weaver Mary’ by the much used homebred sire ‘Weaver Magnum Ex90’ and out of an 11,000kg dam.  Her three week old heifer calf at foot was by ‘Woodmarsh Zoro ET’.  She was the top priced calved heifer at 2,200gns.

With 24 of the 100 milking lots and calves selling for over £2,000, the class of cow on offer was much appreciated by the 60 successful purchasers, and carried through to the youngstock.

The July served heifer ‘Weaver Poppy’ by ‘Sandy-Valley Bolton’ and out of the Ex90 dam sold for 1,450gns.

14 month old maiden heifers by ‘Burlane Tennyson’ from the ‘Graceful’ family sold to 980gns and heifer calves by ‘Bassingthorpe Bossman’ topped at 660gns. This was by far the strongest youngstock and heifer calf trade of the year.

The day started with the machinery with the 480 JCB selling for £5,900, the Massey Ferguson 575 at £3,700 and the Massey Ferguson 35 at £1,900.

Averages: dairy cows and heifers, including “A” Lots, £1,733.00; calved heifers, £1,619.25; in-calf heifers, £1,522.50; served heifers, £1,210.12; bulling and younger heifers, £944.48; heifer calves, £461.74.

(Greenslade Taylor Hunt)