25% of Sedgemoor dairy entry at Sedgemoor sell in excess of £2000

A good entry of 87 dairy cows and heifers saw a tremendous trade for the best quality forward, of which there were plenty. A new centre record for a Saturday collective sale saw a Pedigree Poynings Baxter heifer bred at Lulworth Castle Estates, Dorset realise £2510 for Nick Goss of Devizes. 10 others sold in excess of £2000, 25% of the entry yet another record for Sedgemoor Auction Centre.

Buyers from throughout the South West and Wales saw a run of calved heifers to £2300 and £2000 for Messrs AA Witcombe & Son. Non Pedigree calved heifers to £2300, £2230, £2290 and £2020 all from Derek Tottle. £2200 for a home bred Jordon heifer from Messrs FG Summerhayes & Son. £2100 and £2020 for 2 imported heifers from Witcombe Farm Partners. Also £2000 from Mr RC Willcox. Montbeliarde heifers to £1400 Andy Neill Services and Shorthorn heifers to £1490 Mr R Webb.

A grand run of 15 in calf heifers from Messrs BW & GJ Gray of Bristol, saw June calvers to £1640, £1620, £1560 and £1480 and average £1503. Weaned calves to £600 Mr ET Summerfield, Oxford. Calves to £310 Mr N Taylor. (Greenslade Taylor Hunt)


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