A trio of White Wyandottes reach record price at Skipton

An all-time mart record price of £300 for a pen of hens was recorded at the recent annual Craven Feather Auctions Christmas Show and sale of poultry and waterfowl at Skipton.


The new record-breaking price fell to a trio of White Wyandottes from Alan Barnes, Cowden, Great Harwood. They were purchased by an anonymous North Yorkshire buyer.


The same buyer also further feathered his nest by paying £100 for a trio of Large White Wyandottes from M Stansfield, Barnsley.


The show champions, a trio of free-range show-class Buff Orpingtons – a cockerel and two point-of-lay pullets, went on to secure the next best money of £80.


CCM December Poultry champs pic 1.jpgThe victors are descended from show-winning bloodlines developed by well-known breeder and showman, Will Burdett, Thirsk, who was in charge of the Queen Mother’s Buff Orpingtons for 20 years.


A trio of 2009-bred Light Sussex bantams, from regular Skipton prize winner and former show champion, Richard Pickles, Bent, picked up reserve champion.


These three were bred from local show winners and sold to Richard and Patsy Hodgson, Skipton.


CCM December Poultry reserve champs pic 1.jpg 



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