Aberdeen-Angus plan new health initiative

With health status becoming an increasingly important selling tool for many breeders, it’s not surprise to see the Aberdeen Angus Society breaking new ground and increasing the criteria for stock offered at breed society show and sales.

Top of the requirements will be an insistence that all cattle entered for breed sales will have to come from herds undertaking annual testing for Johne’s disease in a CHeCs approved health scheme or a Johne’s accredited herd.

Alongside this all cattle at sales will have to come from BVD accredited herds. Where herds are not accredited then animals entered for sale will have to be tested negative for the BVD antigen and vaccinated against BVD within three months prior to the sale.

Both moves are designed to give buyers increased confidence in the Angus cattle forward at breed society sales, explains AACS chief executive Ron McHattie. “Johne’s disease is perhaps the most difficult to diagnose and control, this move will give buyers the assurance that all herds are monitoring and improving their Johne’s health status. Additionally, the BVD move will ensure no persistently infected cattle are sold at society sales.”

Vendors will also have the chance to have a herd health declaration included in future sale catalogues detailing their herd’s status in a range of diseases and easing buyers’ quests for high health status stock.