Stirling Bull Sales 2012: 10,000gns bid for Halbeath Kansas

Here’s some more of the lots going under the hammer

Lot 73 Sir Moir Lockhead’s reserve champion Glassel Del by Wedderlie Kansas and out of Glassel Diamond Harriet sells for 7,000 gns
Lot 25 Messrs R and N Orr’s Halbeath Pedro by Netherallan Peter Pershore and out of Halbeath Pam also sells for 7,000 gns
Lot 45 Jan Boomaars Vexour Piper by Rawburn Elysium and out of Galawater Piper sells for 3,200 gns
Lot 51 Messrs W and D McLaren’s reserve intermediate Netherton Mississippi by Netherton Big Edition and out of Netherton Missie sells for 3,800 gns
Lot 72 Messrs R and N Orr’s Halbeath Kansas by Rawburn Elysium and out of Halbeath Kay sells for 10,000 gns
Lot 29 Mr V and Mrs P Dobson’s Water End Evolution by Blelack Evergreat and out of Waterend Ebony sells for 3,000gns
Lot 31 Messrs M Bruce and Partners’ Logie Baron by Netherallan Peter Pershore and out of Logie Blithe sells for 2,600 gns
Lot 32 Messrs W and E I Brown’s Drumdow Rocky by Logie Pastor and out of Drumdow Rosemary sells for 3,800 gns
Lot 33 H A Durwood’s Ardoyne Junta Eric by Nightingale Regent and out of Dunnydeer Justine Erica sells for 1,900 gns
Lot 34 Messrs J and J Campbell’s Wedderlie Neverending by Wedderlie Ermaster and out of Wedderlie Nervenmore sells for 2,500 gns
Lot 36 Mr and Mrs Neil Gillanders’ Newfield Pilot by Midtown Prince Ellerman and out of Newfield Pearl sells for 1,500 gns
Lot 38 D G Lucas’ Cheeklaw Pentyrch by Easton Greys Joseph Eric and out of Cheeklaw Peony sells for 3,000 gns

Lot 41 Blelack Titan from Messrs N F Massie and Sons, bred from Blelack  Evolution and out of Blelack Topclass sells for 2,500 gns
Lot 50 Glassel Black Kansas from Sir Moir Lockhead bred from Wedderlie Kansas and out of 
Blackbird W89 Of Blelack sells for 4,200 gns
Lot 54 Wall Lark Royal from Messrs R and C Rettie, by Blelack Evor and out of Wall Lady Ruth sells for 4,000 
Lot 58 Kincardine Castle forward by Robert McNeil, by Blelack Krackerjack Lad and out of Kincardine Castle Ermine sells at 3,500 gns
Lot 60 Mosston Muir Major Boy from Thomas M C Rennie Esq, sired by Mosston Muir Innes and out of Mosston Muir Beautiful Megan sells for 6,200 gns