Adrian Harrison finds that North Yorkshire is just fine

We are into June, the silage is in, albeit the clamp is not looking overly full, let’s hope the second cut is a good one and maybe even the third.

I have been promising to let you know where my 20 heifers have been sold to and I can now reveal that they have had a rather regal destination – Dubai. Yes, you read correctly, they have gone to Dubai along with almost 100 Jersey heifers from other leading British Jersey herds. They left Stansted airport enroute to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s Nakhali Dairy in Dubai. The Jerseys are to provide liquid milk to the palace which boasts kitchens where up to 1,500 covers are prepared daily. The breed was chosen for their ability to cope with the excessive heat of up to 40C.

Concerns over the welfare of my heifers during the long and arduous journey were soon allayed when I learned they were to travel in Sheikh Mohammed’s private stretch DC8 aircraft which has been specially designed to carry high-value livestock around the world.

June has been a multinational month for me, ending with a farm visit by 17 Australians. They were great company, and really couldn’t get their heads round all the greenery, this group after all were mostly beef/sheep farmers that work out of huge, dry ranches with the climate ranging from almost desert to excessive flooding.

Perhaps North Yorkshire isn’t so bad after all.

Adrian Harrison

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