Adrian Harrison finds you can’t ‘beet’ an extra set of knives

Thank goodness, the landscape is no longer white – in fact, it is green, a very welcome sight indeed. Well, I say green… there are rather a lot of brown stripes as, along with us, the neighbours are now catching up with slurry after the long period of bad weather.

Silage stocks are going back rather rapidly and to slow it down we have bought some fodder beet. The cows love it, but our concern has always been the pieces getting stuck in the slurry tanker – there’s nothing worse than having to stop three times or more with a load just to find that a piece of fodder beet has been the problem. To combat this we have purchased a set of extra knives for the feeder wagon to finely chop the fodder beet.

So far so good and the quality seems to have improved along with it. We are currently running at 5.6 fat and 4.02 protein.

We have finally have got the calf house roof on, this is a huge improvement and have now started to alter the inside. Life is now so much easier as we can segregate the age groups properly and you don’t have rain running down the back of your neck in bad weather now.

Well, we are doing our bit, we have cut costs where possible, streamlined the business as far as we can, and now – to stop me becoming a bitter and twisted old man – we need to see a proper increase in price for our product. We have just had a load of gas oil, the price is scary, and the latest from our feed merchants is that for Christmas they are giving us a price increase of £25 a tonne.

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