Adrian Harrison is cheered by the spring sunshine

Well they say April showers, however, so far, dare I say April sunshine? We have been able to let the cows out this year on 15 April – two weeks earlier than 2010 and a huge welcome to us. The milking cows will soon be followed by young stock, finally ending the long winter.

Grass growth is good, so we will be having that “great father and son bonding session” cleaning up land. I am not quite sure if that is a local expression so, for those who are not sure what I am talking about, it involves a lot of bending down collecting up brash and arguing, or should I say offering differing opinions, about the way forward with our land management.

One thing we do agree on is spraying docks – if they had any nutritional value we would be quid’s in.

As is usual with our first days out at grass, we have had a couple of cases of grass staggers. A few steroids and propylene glycol and they are making a good recovery.

During our latest routine pregnancy scanning we only achieved 72% for March, so let’s hope with some sun on their backs will boost fertility.

I don’t know if anyone of you have found the same difficulties as me ordering compound for the forthcoming multitude of bank holidays, I think William and Kate could have spared a little thought to those of us who even had to work on our own wedding day.

I have received several interested calls with regards my young stock that are for sale and it is looking like they may be going to an unusual location. I will reveal the location if the sale goes through, in my next article.

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