Agribiz grassland aerator gives 10m coverage

Grassland aerators tend to be on the narrow side, but this Ae-ro spiker from Anglo-Bulgarian company Agribiz (07732 613 727) comes in 5m mounted, 6m mounted/trailed and 10m trailed versions.

It uses a series of 180mm long spikes, set 150mm apart, to make vertical slits to boost microbial activity, prune lateral roots and encourage thicker grass swards.

All machines fold to within the width of the tractor wheels. Power requirements are 90hp, 100hp and 125hp respectively and workrates at 5mph are 10, 12 and 20 acres/hour. Price-tags are £4500 for the 5m machine, £5000 for the 6m mounted version, £6000 for the 6m trailed model and £8500 for the 10m model.