Burke Dairy Trophy moves to new venue

The Dairy Burke Trophy, the traditional pairs title awarded at previous Royal Shows, will for this year be judged at the new National All Breeds Dairy Show to be held at Stoneleigh in February and organised by Holstein UK.

With an initial one year licence in place for the trophy to be presented at the All Breeds Show the trophy will continue to recognise the best of British Dairying.

However, while this may seem to be the headline news from the press release issued by Holstein UK there detail buried further down is more interesting I believe.

In a statement welcoming the agreement RASE chairman Henry Cator says…”The arrangement is initially for one year as RASE has not yet finalised all its future event plans. However, both ourselves and Holstein UK, will monitor the event next February and a statement about the future of the competition will be made as soon after the National All Breeds Show as possible.”

Now, you can read into those words what you will, but it does seem to suggest that if all goes well the Burke will remain at the All Breeds Show.

This in itself may not seem big news, but think back to last July and RASE’s comments about planning a national livestock show for 2011. Is the Burke’s move to the All Breeds Show the first nail in that coffin?

Well apparently not, according to RASE’s Alice Bell. “We’re looking at all the options for a livestock event next year and it may be that the new All Breeds Dairy Show is the best place for the Burke to be in future.

“The bottom line is that RASE has no livestock event this year and allowing the Burke Trophy to be presented at the All Breeds Dairy Show helps keep the competition alive,” she added.

I’m yet to be convinced on RASE’s plans for 2011, but until they put out any detail I’ll my thoughts to myself and wait and see.


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