Another mammoth Carlisle Beltex entry

With a number of big sales approaching I’ve spent a few hours going through various catalgoes recently and none has taken more reading than the catalogue for this week’s Beltex sale at Carlisle.

Usually, with big sales I would of course go through and pick out some highlights, but with a sale of this size, it really is too big to pick any lots in particular as being the ones to watch.

A total entry of 1141 must make it the biggest single breed pedigree sheep sale of the year and knowing just where to start in an entry of that size isn’t easy.

There are of course a few runs which are bound to attract attention and none more so than the two pens of ram lambs by last year’ sale topper Dooley Napal. These are foward from Neale and Janet McQuiston and Jeff and Sue Wilkinson.

Lambs by 10,000gns Airyolland Nailer may sold draw some people to the Tercrosset pen of Tom and James Whiteford.

The shearling ewes on offer are likely to meet a ready trade too and with 302 on offer there’s bound to be something for all tastes and all pockets.

Taking Stock will be reporting live from the sale on both Thursday and Friday, so keep an eye here to see what trade does….