Anti-biting product could help curb Schmallenberg

A new fly repellent designed to deter midges from biting, could help limit the spread of Schmallenberg virus.

Agropharm has developed Neem Pro Riddance, an organic, water-based, anti-biting agent designed to limit the spread of Schmallenberg, which is transmitted when infected midges bite livestock.

The disease has been associated with late abortion or birth defects in newborn lambs and cattle and, unusually, there is evidence that the virus has been transmitted during the winter months, Agropharm says.

Neem Pro Riddance is the first product to prevent biting and is suitable for use as a health maintenance insect control product. It is easy to apply and offers instant protection against midges and flies, the company says.

Agropharm managing director Geoff Foxon says: “There is no vaccine for the Schmallenberg Virus, so at this point the best course of action is prevention.

“Neem Pro Riddance will also offer a second line of defence even when a vaccine does become available.”

A natural organic product based on neem oil – an insect-active material derived from the neem tree indigenous to southern Asia – Neem Pro Riddance is also suitable for use on organic livestock. The product can also be used to deter flies attracted to blood when ear tags are used.

It is available as a concentrate or as a trigger spray for immediate use.

>> Neem Pro Riddance is available from on 0800 0913171 in pack sizes of one litre, 100ml concentrate or a 325ml trigger spray.

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