Ayrshire, British Friesian and Brown Swiss class results from DELS

The second Ayrshire in-milk class of the day has now been placed, with the first prize ticket going to Millford Jungle Girl 77, a McCornick Nelson daughter from Alan Timbrell. In second spot was Haresfoot Simply Red Pamela from S P R and L Reed, a Forte Simply Red daughter.

Then in third place was Millford Lark 20 from Alan Timbrell, with this being a Horizon Ranger Red daughter, in fourth place was Roshill Prickly Jean from W R C and J E Christophers, a Rosehill Blackthorn daughter and in fifth was Heydale Ovoid 242 from D W Berresford and Son, she’s by Heydale Blizzard.

And in the British Friesian second class of the day the winner was Oakalby Breadwinner S Ruth 34 from the Burroughs family, a Grove Breadwinner daughter. Second place in this class went to Lismulligan Gay 67 from Brian Lawson, she’s by Blackisle Benromach.

And the second class of Brown Swiss has just been completed too, with the winner in this class being Kedar Becks Alice, a Kedar Becks daughter from T Lochhead and Sons, second place went to Kedar Seattle Glenda from T Lochhead and Sons, a G S Prophet Seattle daughter.

Then in third was Highlight Proview Roseanna from R and S McColm, an R Hart Protein Preview daughter, with Farrick Dino 2 from J and C West in third, she is by Red Kite Sam.


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